Quality Policy

POLY CABLE’S Factory is well equipped with modern machines to manufacture in conformity with International Standard Specification mainly:

  International Electro Technical Commission (IEC-502) 1983.

  German Standard (VDE-0271/3.69 and 0250/3.69), British Imperial Standard (B.S 2004/61)

  British metric standard (B.S 6004:1975) and also to meet specific requirement of the customers.

  The range of its products covers all cables & wires generally used in electrical net work.

Our products are duly marked with “POLY CABLES BANGLADESH” embossed/printed which is a mark of quality.

Quality and reliability have always been our main emphasis. All cables at random length are tested as per IEC test requirements and our quality control Techniques are of international standards following standard testing procedures under the guidance of well experienced cable Testing-Procedures under the guidance of well experienced cable Testing-Engineers. Any other special tests required by the customer can also be done.

Various Engineering Data and technical information have been included to assist in selecting of cables at various current rating.

On enquiry our technical personnel will be pleased to provide, where required, additional data to meet customers specific installation and operating requirements.